European culture, language and identity in a new world

TASKS  2008/09  

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Communication between students 07/08

Shopping habits:
Each national group will take one or more photos of the weekly shopping items of one family. The photos will be sent, together with a detailed list of all the shopping items.
The Stuttgart teachers will put all the photos on one big poster and bring a copy for each school to our Bucharest meeting.
* Photos
* Poster

  - Tasks
  - Results
Globalisation of the working world:
Each group will contact a company. They will visit the company and have to find out how the process of globalisation influences all parts of the company (e.g. acquisition, production, sale, marketing, …).
* Guidelines
* Photos
* Interviews and Documentation
Teaching unit: "globalisation on economy":
A teaching unit about the “national views on the pros and cons of the impact of globalisation on economy” is made by the teachers of all the participating schools. Each school will provide material which shows the national view on the globalisation of economy.
* Example (Bucharest):
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* Teaching Units
Travel-guide two days in my country:
Each group will provide material for a travel-guide: two days in my country. The first day has to be a visit of a rock festival. On the second day each group will present ideas for young people visiting the region where the rock festival took place.
* Presentation in Bad Tölz

* Travel guide



Communication between students 


Essay contest  

* Results

Comparison of national festivals and school events 

* Calendar

Habits of listening to music and the influence of these habits on the language 

* Results
L'Auberge Espagnole - Key questions for the analysis of the film * Results

Cookery book 

* Results

Influence of English (phrases and abbreviations) on the students’ language
e.g. SMS

* Results



Cultures in Europe - Globalisation of Language - European Festival Calendar - YGGDRASIL      *    Results


Communication between students:

We want to encourage students to communicate via our forum on the website. There will be a new topic to discuss each month.
First topic:

Electronic devices are banned from schools. Teachers think that there should be a ban on mobile phones and mp3-players. Do you think this is a good idea?


Essay contest

To participate in the contest, a bi-national pair of students has to write an essay on the following topic:
“What will Europe be like in 20 years?“ – Think about how close European countries should come together to compete with other global superpowers like China, India or the USA.
*  Interested students have to send an email to Andreas. Andreas will publish their names on the website so that students can find essay partners there.
* All essays have to be sent to webmaster and brought to Edinburgh. A teachers team will decide on a winner of the contest in Edinburgh.

Interested Students:

Julia Zimmermann,       Zimmermannjule "at" web.de
Alexandra Meyer,        nayeli
"at" gmx.de           
Sakina Irshad,              caseofthex
"at" hotmail.com        

Cococi George - n1ght_g3o"at"yahoo.com
Cristea Irina - irinuk_stelista"at"yahoo.com
Cristescu Andreea - andreea_blue"at"yahoo.com
Toma Laura-Simona - mony_girl18"at"yahoo.com
Onofrei Roxana - loca_bbk"at"yahoo.com   
Sofronescu Andra - ada_dalyla"at"yahoo.com
Bratzi Georgiana - creatza_doll90"at"yahoo.com
Nastasa Alexandru - jacied"at"yahoo.com
Similea Nicu - simmy_niku"at"yahoo.com


The winning team will get the opportunity to travel to one of the partner schools and get some financial support for their travel expenses.
deadline: 22.2.07 if sent by email, or 6.3.08 if brought to Edinburgh)


Cookery book

Each project group decides on at least two typical dishes or set meals and one typical potato recipe of your country or region. The recipes should not be too complicated. Keep in mind that the students or the teachers might perhaps want to cook the dish.
To be done for each of these dishes or set meals (if possible):

detailed recipe
please give interesting background information on the dish, e.g.:
     o        is it a seasonal dish?
is the dish served on special occasions?
 o        are there traditions involved?
 o        are there stories or fairy tales involved?
          photo of the dish

Please send all this to Bad Tölz ! (deadline 22.2.08)



Influence of English in students' language

We will deal with English phrases and abbreviations students use in writing text messages, emails, … and their emergence in the students’ spoken language.
Each group will make a list with their most frequently used abbreviations in text messages or emails and in their spoken language.
Student volunteers can write some typical text messages or emails in their national language with English abbreviations in our Forum. It will be a challenge for the other students to understand what they are saying.

Common abbreviations in short messages


Students habits of listening to music and the influence of these habits on the language:

Each group will make their Top-Ten-List  and provide some examples ("test recordings")

Questionnaire about listening habits.

* RESULTS - Top Ten Lists and "test recordings"


Film Analysis: L'Auberge Espagnole

You will find the key questions to the film here.

Book cover contest - winners


Comparison of national festivals and school events:

The participating schools create a common festival calendar and a common school-events-calendar which will include national festivals / school events in the participating countries.
Each project group makes a documentation of all important religious, national, regional and local festivals and of the events at school in the course of a school year (photos, videos, typical objects, descriptive texts).

Calendar of school events


Cultures in Europe:

You will soon find the material for the learning circle "Cultures in Europe" on our website.


Globalisation of Language:


Preparatory work for the European Festival Calendar

Each project group makes a documentation of all important religious, national, regional and local festivals and of the events at school in the course of a school year (photos, videos, typical objects, descriptive texts).


Tasks about the name YGGDRASIL

Do some research on the meaning of the project name and discuss this in your class project groups.



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