European culture, language and identity in a new world

NEWS (08/09)



News from the project groups / schools

News-Input (teachers only)

Evaluation of the project

New results of the tasks
--> teaching units about globalization
--> interviews, company visits
--> travel / festival guide (coming soon)

Pictures of the project groups
(last years groups)

Bad Tölz meeting:   05.03.09 - 09.03.09

Bucharest meeting: 20.11.08 - 24.11.08

Students - have a look at our forum and take part in students' communication:

Edinburghmeeting: March 2008 - minutes of the meeting
Copenhagen meeting: November 2007- minutes of the meeting


Deadlines for project groups:
Group photos 26.09.08
Photo of one week’s shopping items of one family and shopping list 06.11.08
Travel guide / festival-guide 13.02.09
Results of the company visit or interview 13.02.09
Teaching unit: "globalisation on economy" (teachers) 13.02.09


Deadlines for individual work:

Registration of students 10.10.08